Zaphod - Wireless BLE 34 key LoPro Kit

$7.50 - $69.00
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The Zaphod Wireless keyboard has no need for wires. Well, other than the one it needs to charge every once in a while. You can still use it wired though. Additionally it has support for a unique Memory Display by Sharp that has all the benefits of an ePaper display, but with a much faster refresh rate. The Zaphod is powered by the ZMK firmware and has an on board controller.

Base kit + Battery includes Zaphod PCB, mounting hardware for the display, and a 702025 300mAh LiPo battery.
Base kit includes the Zaphod PCB and mounting hardware for the display.
Battery is just the battery.

The Zaphod has support the Sharp Memory Display, directly available from Adafruit here: (not included with any kit)

Build guide:

Kits do not include switches, keycaps, display or case. Batteries cannot be shipped outside of the US.