UT47.2 Sandwich Foam

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First off, I want to get something straight with you guys. I know it says sandwich in the title but THIS IS NOT FOR EATING. Stick to the glue sticks, trust me on this.

This is like a Dagwood for your keyboard. It starts off with a bottom layer of 2mm foam that has cutouts for your RGB LEDs and Reset button. The next 2mm layer on top of that has those same cutouts, but also some cutouts for your hotswap sockets and SMD components. Next layer up is a 2mm simple ring that just surrounds the PCB itself. On top of all that? A 4mm layer of meaty foam to go between your PCB and plate. Also included are some nice honeycomb shaped adhesive foam feet to match the bottom of your board's fancy design.

The end result is a solid sandwich of foam that goes from plate to plate, completely encasing the middle of your UT47.2 sandwich keyboard. It is now durable, keeps the crud out and most importantly, feels and sounds like a premium keyboard again. And the best part? You can still put it in your pocket and walk around yelling "I'm the Keeb King of the World!" if you want. Surely I'm not the only one who ... nevermind, I may have said too much already.