Tofu65 Case Foam

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Designed to fit in the Tofu65 case, this foam is cut from a special stock. The 3mm or 1mm foam has been aged for 15 years inside oak whiskey barrels rolled around inside a giant cave once a week to keep them from settling. Pushing these barrels are the most beautiful creatures you could possibly imagine. Nope, try again, even more beautiful than that. There you go, that's pretty close!

If you plan to use this with a soldered board, get the 3mm foam. If you plan to use this with a hotswap board, get the 1mm foam. If you plan to use this with an ironing board, set for medium heat and steam occasionally.

Included is a 4mm piece designed to sit down inside the battery/weight well, which most people tend to leave empty so why not fill that sucker up with some foam!


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