Sofle Choc Split Keyboard Kit

  • Sofle Choc Split Keyboard Kit
  • Sofle Choc Split Keyboard Kit
  • Sofle Choc Split Keyboard Kit
  • Sofle Choc Split Keyboard Kit
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Note: we currently have black PCBs and switch plates. We will update this listing with new photos soon!

The Sofle Keyboard is a split design that boasts a 6 columns of 4 keys each , along with an additional 5 thumb keys (or toe keys, we don't judge) on both left and right side. Along with that, it has support for an encoder on each half. More you say? How about OLEDs? Got one on each side!

This specific Sofle kit works with Choc switches (V1 only), to be installed in hot swap sockets.

We have two kits available:

  • PCBs only: consists of two keyboard PCBs and two switch plates. Nothing else. PCBs are black, unlike the pcbs in the photos!
  • Base kit: two keyboard PCBs, two switch plates, 60 hotswap sockets, 60 diodes (+10 spares), 2 TRRS jacks, 2 reset switches, 3M Bumpon silicone "feet"

Additionally you can add EC11 encoders (with push down switch), or EC12 encoders (no push down switch). For the EC12 encoders we have knobs available here (EC11... soon). OLEDs, Elite-C, Nice!Nanos, and RGB LEDs (soon) are optional. We also have Mill-Max MCU sockets to make installation and removal of the controllers easier. Grab those here (one kit per controller required).

The MBK Choc options consist of 60 1U keycaps, 2 homing keycaps and 2 1.5U keycaps. If you want to spice up your color scheme beyond the black or white kits, take a look at our MBK Colors and MBK Factory Colors offerings. These are blank keycaps (no legends)! For legended keycaps, please take a look at MBK Legend.

Build guide? Build guide!

The Sofle Choc was designed by Brian Low, based on the Sofle RGB (soon?) by Dane Evans which was itself based on the original Sofle v2 by Josef Adamčik.

Batteries can't be shipped outside the US. Orders with batteries included will be changed to exclude batteries and refunds will be provided accordingly.

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