Reviung41-LP2 - Choc V2 Low Profile Keyboard Kit

  • Reviung41-LP2 - Choc V2 Low Profile Keyboard Kit
  • Reviung41-LP2 - Choc V2 Low Profile Keyboard Kit
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The Reviung41-LP2 is a variant of the hugely popular regular Reviung41-LP, with a few minor twists. In particular, this keyboard kit is designed for the low profile Choc V2 switches which are MX compatible (see note below). Being MX compatible, this keyboard has a standard MX spacing at 19 x 19mm.

As there are no compatible stabilizers for the Choc V2 switches yet, the designer has integrated support for a Costar stabilizer instead. Note that the stabilizer is not plug and play, but will need some tweaking. A how-to guide is expected to be available from the designer soon. For the time being, it's perfectly fine to use the 2U spacebar without a stabilizer provided your keycaps have a reasonably snug fit.

It's possible to set it up as a wired keyboard with an Elite-C or other Pro-Micro compatible controller or you can opt for a wireless version by installing a Nice!Nano controller along with a LiPo battery. We highly recommend using a Mill-Max Microcontroller Socket Kit.

Available as either a PCB and Plate kit only, or as a Base Kit.

Contents for PCB and Plate Only kit:

  • PCB
  • Switch plate
  • Nothing else

Contents for Base Kit:

  • 1x PCB - 1.6mm - 41 key variant
  • 1x Switch Plate - 1.2mm choc - matte black FR4 (PCB Material)
  • 50x Diodes - SOD123F 1N4148
  • 3M Bumpons (silicone feet)
  • Battery Switch


The Kailh Choc V2 switch packs above consist of 50 switches, which is enough to cover the Reviung41-LP2 with a couple of spares to boot.

Created by: Cyril279 inspired by the Reviung41 by gTips
PCBs: Main PCB 1.6mm Black FR4 with ENIG plating for durability, switch plate 1.2mm FR4 (PCB Material)
Build guide? Build guide!

Note: not all MX style keycap profiles work when the Choc V2 switches are installed in a switch plate due to the skirt height of the keycaps. Before assembly, install a Choc V2 switch in the switch plate only and check if the bottom of the keycap interferes with the switch plate on the downstroke. If so, assemble the board without the switch plate.

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