Reviung41-LP Low Profile Keyboard Kit

  • Reviung41-LP Low Profile Keyboard Kit
  • Reviung41-LP Low Profile Keyboard Kit
$27.50 - $39.75
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The Reviung41-LP Keyboard is a low profile adaptation of the original Reviung41 keyboard. This Low Profile version of the Reviung41 does away with a whole bunch of odds and ends to make the board as low profile as possible while still featuring some creature comforts such as hot swap sockets. The board has provisions in place for a single color backlight, for which you'll need some extra components (not included).

It's possible to set it up as a wired keyboard with an Elite-C or other Pro-Micro compatible controller or you can opt for a wireless version by installing a Nice!Nano controller along with a LiPo battery.

Contents for Base Kit:

  • 1x PCB - 1.6mm ENIG plated - 41 key variant
  • 1x Switch Plate - 1.2mm choc - matte black FR4 (PCB Material)
  • 50x Diodes - SOD123F 1N4148
  • 50x Kailh Choc Sockets
  • 3M Bumpons (silicone feet)
  • Reset Switch
  • Battery Switch


  • Nice!Nano controller (with or without battery)
  • Elite-C controller 
  • Kailh Choc Stabilizer Set
The MBK Keycap set contains:
  • 40x MBK 1U keycaps
  • 2x MBK homing keycaps
  • 2x MBK 2U keycaps

Created by: Cyril279 inspired by the Reviung41 by gTips
PCBs: Main PCB 1.6mm Black FR4 with ENIG plating for durability, switch plate 1.2mm FR4 (PCB Material)
Build guide? Build guide!

Note: as of April 6th, 2022, the Base kit now includes the reset and battery switch as well. Additional switch combos can be found here: Reviung41-LP - Battery and Reset Switch Addon

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