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60% Tsangan Plate Foam

MKUltra Corporation

Regular price $10.00

Cut from premium grade EVA foam, these foam mats are designed to sit between your top plate and PCB. They are 4mm thick and with a standard 1.5mm plate, they will compress about 10% to create a single composite sandwich.

Guaranteed to reduce rattles, vibrations and dampen the sound of keystrokes. It makes bad switches sound good and fake switches sound real. It will increase hair growth in places you want it and eliminate hair where you don't. If you don't feel 10 feet tall while typing on a keyboard with this foam inside, why, you're the one who's defective and should be returned for your own money back!

No sharks were harmed in the making of these plates.

** Important Information Regarding Foam **

If you select Black 4mm foam, you will be sent BLUE 4mm foam. Black 4mm is currently unavailable and no estimate on when it will be restocked. The blue foam is the correct thickness and even more dense so should be considered an upgrade.

Customer Reviews

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Great quality and awesome customer service!

Plate and case foam

Ordered the tsangan 60% pcb foam and 4mm case foam in blue. Lemme tell ya, it was T H I C C. The combination made it so isolated I had to add lube to my springs that I thought were lubed enough. Also adds a new and more solid feel to my board. The case foam was too thick for my case so I just got another one in 2mm. 10/10 Great price, great quality

Tsangan Plate Foam

These foams are great! The foams are laser cut with precision to flawlessly match the interstitial space between plate and PCB. A must for hotswap boards.

Great Product

Works as advertised, no more ping and greatly reduced inconsistent sound for tray mount. Would buy again!