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Minivan Case Foam

MKUltra Corporation

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2mm thick, just like the skulls of those 100% users that have been brainwashed for so many years. Not you though, you know better. Your skull is T H I C C.

Wait, no, I didn't mean to insult you, it was a compliment, I swear! Don't go! OK go but buy this foam first. You'll thank me later even though you hate me now.

** Also works in MHKB. Check to make sure the drawing looks like your case as some older Minivans use a different case floor.

The MHKB and Minivan are designed and created by Evan of The Van Keyboards.

Customer Reviews

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Works like a charm.

Honestly there's nothing really to say. It fits and works GREAT.

Minivan case foam

Actually made a difference in switch ping coming from the board. About to order some plate foam also. Good stuff

Snug in my Van

My MiniVan is one of the older cases, so I needed to make a few simple cuts. This foam is super nice n flush to the case bottom. I'm deaf, but I've been handed some pieces of paper that tell me the foam sounds good.

Worth it!

By far the best foam you can put in your case. Fits snug into every corner absorbing everything. And the minivan case having weird cuts in the bottom makes it very worth getting a product from this company!