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Melody96 Combo

MKUltra Corporation

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Includes 4mm plate foam, 2mm cutout foam and 2mm bottom foam. Cutouts account for screw in stabilizers, reset button and all RGB underglow.

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Eh... blue I guess?

So, on the plus side, you have an awesome sense of humour and I did eventually get the items.

I took one star away for the speed of delivery which hopefully improves.

But I also received the wrong colours for some of the items. Which were blue instead of black. Now to cut you some slack, I’m guessing it’s because you ran out of black foam and didn’t want to delay the order further.

So I can understand it, and that’s why I selected 3/5. I’m just hoping speeds will increase and only the selected colours get delivered.

That said, chin up and keep going. Have a great new year!

Melody96 vs NYM96

Great product - I used the foam for a NYM06 build. I figured they´d be very similar but no - I needed to cut the foam to fit the case which took quite some time. This is mostly my fault for not researching more. However I think its good to let people know that the foam does not really fit the Nym96 kit that well. Furthermore I believe that the thickness of the foam between the plate and pcb should be reduced to 2mm at most. 3mm is too thick, it has the effect of making the keycap sticking up too much from the case - it looks like a floating key design which is not intended.

To be fair, although the Melody96 and Nym96 look similar, they are completely different builds. One is top mount, the other is tray mount. This listing is for Melody96 and as such, the foam is cut specifically for that case.
Required for keyboard

Required for keyboard.
This time, assembling the melody, MKutra Foam was used. The distance between the substrate and the plate was about 5 millimeters, and the actual plate shape coincided with the shape of the foam.
Be careful when checking the back of the switch when inserting it to make sure that the foot of the switch is properly positioned.
Adding foam will soften the hand and make the sound sound rhythmic. In addition, the ringing sound caused by the foam on the ground is also reduced.
I think it is essential for keyboard assembly.
More forms of foam are desired to be developed.


Dampens! :D