[Pre-Order] MBK POM Choc Keycaps

  • [Pre-Order] MBK POM Choc Keycaps
  • [Pre-Order] MBK POM Choc Keycaps
  • [Pre-Order] MBK POM Choc Keycaps
$1.40 - $4.50
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The standard MBK keycaps have been the go-to product for pretty much every keyboard designed for the Kailh Choc switches. Now, they're available in POM as well.

Available in 2 colors: semi-translucent white for all your backlit keycap needs, and opaque black. These MBK POM keycaps can be mixed 'n matched with most common Kailh Choc compatible keycaps like MCC, MBK Convex and regular pbt MBK.

Pre-order start: Now.
Estimated arrival in warehouse: early September 2022

Note: these caps are blanks, they do not have any legends. The keycaps only work with regular Kailh Choc (V1) switches.

Note 2: The images in this listing are renders. The black glossy keycaps are merely glossy to give a clearer view of the curvature / profile of the cap itself. Actual product photos will be made available as soon as we have the keycaps in hand. In reality the keycaps will have a finish similar to the MCC POM keycaps.
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