Planck EOTW Foam Combo

  • Planck EOTW Foam Combo
  • Planck EOTW Foam Combo
  • Planck EOTW Foam Combo
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This foam combo will take your OLKB EOTW (Easy on the Wallet) Planck keyboard and fortify it with a foam barrier filling in all the nooks and crannies. When it is rebuilt it will be ready for the EOTW (End of the World). You can trust that this little keyboard will take a smacking and keep on clacking!

Plate foam of 4mm is the first line of defense, preventing hordes of invading vibrations and pings from penetrating the NPF (New Planck Fortress) you have created. An adhesive ring of 2mm foam surrounds the PCB and protects it from any outside invaders trying to place crumb bombs inside your NPF. Below that, a 3mm layer of foam with cutouts for important components like hotswap sockets, MCUs, LEDs, DIPs, CHIPs and PIPs(?) shore up the last line of defense, keeping the heart of your NPF protected and operating at peak efficiency.

Does it get any better than this? Maybe one day, but until then - if you plan on protecting your Planck EOTW well enough to survive the EOTW and turn it into a true NPF, this foam is what you need ASAP.

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