1st Aug 2021

Update regarding MKUltra - Gazzew relationship

Earlier this week we were informed by Gazzew that we would not longer be able to purchase any of his Boba switches, citing "Incompatible business goals" as the reason. We have repeatedly reached out to find out what exactly he meant but have yet to get a clear answer. We have not been given an option to defend ourselves, or even an opportunity to come to any sort of an agreement going forward.

We would still be able to buy and sell GTMX switches and earlier today, Gazzew reached out to see if we'd be interested in some of his other products. However, we cannot in good conscience continue selling products from a supplier that has no interest in being transparent about these types of decisions.

As of August 1st, 2021, we will cease to be an official vendor for Gazzew products. Gazzew products will be available through our store as long as inventory lasts. Neither Boba nor GTMX switches will be restocked, nor do we have any intention of selling Gazzew branded products in the future.

For reference and transparency, we will make the email that Gazzew sent us late last week available to the public. Attempted conversations beyond this email further deteriorated the situation to the point that today, we informed Gazzew that we would not be moving forward unless some examples were given of whatever grievous offenses had been committed. Gazzew still not willing to discuss his motivations led to final words being exchanged and the relationship, unfortunately, being terminated.

gazzew email

Any open orders containing Boba switches will still be fulfilled.