THOK Razzo - Update

At the moment, THOK is significantly behind the original schedule for the Razzo artisans. Over the past few months, we have posted updates in which we mentioned a manufacturing issue that was being addressed by THOK. Near the end of September, some vendors started noticing that the coating on the Razzo artisan wasn't the agreed-upon Cerakote. Instead, the artisan was anodized. To THOK's credit, it was very close to the color it should've been, but Cerakote it was not. Another issue was that the resin infill was of subpar quality, often overfilled to the point of spilling over into other details.

THOK Razzo - Overfilled

As soon as we were made aware of these issues we got in touch with both THOK and Fedemito to get this resolved quickly. At this point, THOK had unfortunately already manufactured and shipped all the artisans to vendors, which meant they had to be shipped back directly after they arrived in our and other vendors' warehouses. MKUltra has worked with THOK to get them up to speed on Cerakote, set them up with color samples and the correct color codes. All THOK needed to do was order the correct materials and have the Cerakote applied by a capable Cerakote applicator.

In the following months, we patiently waited for THOK to get these keycaps fixed and returned to us. Unfortunately, THOK has given us every reason under the moon why these artisans hadn't been finished yet, the most prominent issue being that they couldn't get Cerakote through customs. We have continued pushing them for updates, solutions, timeframes, and results, but nothing appeared to be moving forward. Then, at the beginning of January 2022, THOK suddenly managed to successfully get the Cerakote shipment through customs. Keep in mind, this was a small amount of Cerakote and shipped to THOK at the end of September 2021, by DHL Express.

On January 14th THOK presented us with two issues. First, they didn't order enough Cerakote for the entire batch. Second, THOK removed the anodization and applied a coat of Cerakote, badly. The sandblasting removed a lot of detail and the Cerakote application was so thick and sloppy that it rounded out whatever detail was left. We believe Cerakote, unfortunately, is not going to happen under these circumstances.

We have discussed the issue with Fedemito and the other vendors to find the best solution for everyone still waiting for their Razzo artisan. Bottom line, we will no longer task THOK with recoating the artisans. The Razzo artisan will only be reworked to achieve a better and more consistent resin infill. Other than that, the artisans' original green anodization will remain unchanged.

To move things forward, we're offering customers the choice between either of the following options:

  • Option A: we will ship the artisan with a new resin infill and original green anodized surface
  • Option B: we will issue a full refund for the artisan

There are a couple of footnotes for both options. For any warranty-related issues, customers will have to get in touch with THOK directly. If this artisan is the only item on an order and a refund is requested, we will cancel the order entirely and issue a full refund, shipping fee included. There will be no more extras for this artisan. MKUltra will amend its order to cover just the group buy and pre-sales orders.

Customers can request a refund or confirm their orders until February 13th, 2022. Emails have been sent out with options to either confirm or request a refund. If you haven't received an email, feel free to reach out to us via email ( If we don't hear from you within the above period, we will put you down for option A.

We still need to clarify things in terms of the timeline for shipping. As it stands, THOK still has to finish redoing the resin infill, for which we haven't been given an estimated completion date yet. Any further updates surrounding these artisans will be shared via our monthly newsletter. If you're not signed up for our newsletter you can find those updates here, in our News Section.

Niceties aside, we hope you vote with your wallet, it's the only way to make manufacturers value your dollar as much as you do.

28th Jan 2022

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