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September Update

Posted by Sebastiaan on 4th Sep 2020

September Update

Another month, another update. If you haven't read or (telepathically) received the previous August Update, you can find it here: August Update. Now let's get right into it!

New Products and Updates

Gazzew Boba Silent Tactile U4 Switches

They're here and ready to go! These are silent, tactile switches (what's in a name right?) that'll keep your neighbors and colleagues happy. I'm making no promises about spouses and / or girlfriends though! Get them here in packs of 30: Boba Silent Tactile U4 Switches

Kailh Choc Pro Red and gChoc

The lightest of low profile switches. Both linear switches but with incredibly low actuation forces: 35gf for the Red Pro and 20(!!)gf for the gChoc. Sold in packs of 10 here: Red Pro and gChoc

Kailh Hotswap Sockets

Tired of soldering? A desperate need to switch switches every other day? Put some hotswap sockets on your next build and off you go. We have both styles, one for MX (and compatible) switches and one for Choc switches. Available in packs of 10 here: Kailh Hotswap Sockets

Black, White and Natural Choc Keycaps in All Sizes

For a while we only carried either the colored scooped keycaps or the flat naturals in 1U sizes. We just added new flat keycaps in black and white. That's not all, we now carry all flat caps in not just 1U size, but 1.5U and 2U as well! 1U Keycaps ship in packs of 10, 1.5U and 2U caps ship in packs of 4. Here's a link to the Natural "colored" flat keycaps in 1.5U and 2U.

KBD67 MK2 Soldered

By very popular demand we now have a foam design ready to go for the soldered version of the KBD67 mk2. Link => KBD67 MK2 foam combo

Planck Case Foam

We now offer a revised case foam design for the Planck rev6 and later to accommodate the hotswap sockets of the board. Planck Case Foam - Hotswap version

Drop CTRL Foam Combo

We're working on a revised foam design for the new CTRL High Profile. There's also some rumours about the Low Profile version getting some love. Stay tuned!

Group Buy Updates

MBK Choc Keycaps

We're almost completely caught up on MBK Choc orders, can you believe we had close to 600 orders with more coming in every day? We're still waiting on the replacement black keycaps to come in but once they do we'll get those sorted and shipped ASAP.


Still waiting for the shipment notification. Somewhat patiently.

GMK Nord

C'mon GMK, get with the program! We need an invoice!


We can feel the Boardwalk getting closer to our warehouse. Did... did we mention a ... hotswap version? No? It'll be our little secret!

Closing Notes

Going forward we'll be sending out updates like these more often in an effort to be as MKULTRA as we can be. We've worked hard to get back on top of our game and we're slowly catching up with all open orders and requests. If there's anything you think we can do better, please get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you!

I would also like to remind each and everyone of you that I, Sebastiaan, will be on vacation from September 5th until the 11th. This doesn't affect shipping in any way, but please keep in mind that any requests and emails coming in during that period will experience a delayed response.