September 2021 Update

Group Buy And Pre-Order Updates

DSS Lightcycle - Group Buy Live!

DSS Lightcycle - Group Buy Live Now!

Attention Programs, Users, this is not a drill. The group buy for the iconic DSS Lightcycle is live, right now!

KAT Space Cadet

KAT Space Cadet

The Space Cadets have arrived. They're in a port nearby that is, these astronauts are taking the scenic route through customs at the moment. Hopefully ready to ship in early October!

ePBT Grand Tour - Pre-Sale Now Live!

ePBT Grand Tour - Pre-Sale Now Live!

If you want to add a few kits to your group buy order, make sure to get in touch to combine your order. The key caps are finished and have been shipped out to us. Still working out an issue with the Razzo artisan keycap. Deskmats are delayed due to color matching.

DSS Late Harvest - Pre-Sale Now Live!DSS Late Harvest - Pre-Sale Now Live!

The manufacturer is currently still awaiting raw materials. Custom packaging is finished and delivered to the manufacturer already.

JTK Keycap Trays

JTK Keycap Trays

The JTK Max trays arrived in our warehouse earlier this month and we've been shipping them to customers already. The Standard sized trays unfortunately have been held up in customs for a little while but they are currently waiting to be unloaded at the port.

Dallas 2021 Meetup Deskmat Pre-Sale

Dallas 2021 Meetup Deskmat Pre-Sale

Clean artwork, 900x400x4mm, stitched edges, cloth top, rubber bottom. Estimated to ship late Q4 2021.

GMK Lunar

GMK Lunar

Good news! GMK has received raw materials and the Lunar keyset has been put on the production schedule. More news soon!

MBK Legend

MBK Legend

The organizers have received a new set of samples and initial impressions appear to be good. Fingers crossed!

New Product

Nice!Nano v2 - Now In Stock!Nice!Nano v2 - Now Available!

No more tangly cables! Turn your pro-micro compatible pcb into a battery powered, bluetooth enabled keyboard. The Nice!Nano ships with standard pin headers. Batteries and Mill-Max sockets will be available soon.

Quick GB Updates And Statuses

  • Boardrun: 10.13.21
  • GMK Nord: new samples have been shipped to the designer. We're currently waiting to hear back from him.
  • KAT Napoleonic: production is estimated to start somewhere in December!
  • SA Spectra: currently in pre-production.
  • GMK Swiss: MOQ has been reached!
  • KAT Slurp: Awaiting an update from Keyreative about the current status of this set.
  • Faster international shipping: USPS is out, UPS is in. Now with 25% fewer letters, but with much more faster. EU and UK sales resuming soon.

Coming Soon

  • Nice!Nano's v2 inbound!
  • Tecsee Snow Globes: a MKUltra Special, thocking soon
  • Stabilizers? Stabilizers. Soon.
  • NUM_BAR_18 ortholinear keyboard kit.
  • More keyboard kits. Yes, also soon =)
27th Sep 2021

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