10th Jul 2021

[PSA] - KAT Space Cadet

It has come to our attention that Keyreative / zFrontier have shipped some if not all KAT Space Cadet orders out to customers in China and possibly beyond China. Unfortunately, none of these kits have been signed off on by the designers of the sets yet. As such we can't guarantee that the quality of the sets shipped are up to our standards.

Under normal circumstances Keyreative / zFrontier would have shipped sample sets out to the designers for final approval. Due to this complete breakdown of process we find ourselves in an impossible position. While we really want to make sure KAT Space Cadet gets into the hands of customers, we currently have no idea if the quality of the product lives up to the expectations of the designers.

When we were made aware that these sets had been shipped out to customers in China, we immediately took action to halt shipping. We've been promised that the sample sets will be shipped out to us and the designers this coming Monday. zFrontier has reportedly halted shipping of KAT Space Cadet.

We aim to get these samples to the designers for approval ASAP so we can get shipping started as soon as possible.

- MKUltra Corporation