October 2021 Update

Hold your pumpkin spice latte, Batman, I've got updates for you!

Group Buy and Pre-Order Updates

JTK Winner - Pre-Order Now!

Do you have what it takes?

ould you like to play a game? This Squid Game inspired key set designed by Buger and manufactured by JTK will make you want to play for all the marbles.

KAT Space Cadet - Shipping Now!


We sent out emails over the past couple of days to make sure we have your most current shipping address on file. If you haven't gotten an email yet, check your spam filter and / or get in touch via and we'll prep your shipment for lift off.

DSS Lightcycle

Get your game on!

Lightcycle wasn't doing too hot but we love the set and layout and don't want to disappoint all the people that bought into the set. We'll be buying out all sets. Pre-sales will go live soon!

ePBT Grand Tour

Shipping soon!

The keycaps have made it to our warehouse just recently. Once the majority of the Space Cadet kits have shipped we'll start shipping ePBT Grand Tour. The THOK Saturno artisans are also ready to ship, but we're still waiting for the THOK Razzo artisans. Expect an email to verify your shipping address soon!

GMK Nord - Samples

Third batch of samples coming right up!

The second round of samples have finally made it to the group buy organizer but unfortunately aren't exactly what the designer was looking for. A third round is needed to dial them in. We're hopeful that GMK can get the new samples shipped to the designer quite a bit faster this time around.

MBK Legend - In Production

Legen...wait for it... DARY!

After a tumultuous pre-production time, these have finally gone into production. Current estimates are for the caps to arrive in our warehouse late Q4 2021, early Q1 2022.

JTK Standard Size Keycap Trays

Get. In. Mah. BELLEH! No but really, get a move on mr. Customs

We've been told to expect these any day now. We're looking forward to get these in your hands.

KAT Slurp - THOK Artisan

Look at you, you winner you =)

The THOK Slurp "You Win" artisans are in! If you have an order that you want to split, please reach out to us via email (

New Products

Mill Max Controller Socketing Kits

One socket - many controllers.

A kit with genuine Mill Max hotswap sockets and pins. Comes in low profile and high profile. Solder once, destroy pads never.

Batteries for Nice!Nano and Battery Wires

Moah Powah Bebeh!

Just in, 110mAh LiPo batteries for the Nice!Nano boards. Comes pre-fitted with JST connectors for easy connecting and disconnecting. Want to connect them to something else? We have a Battery Wire Pair which consists of two ~6" / 150mm cables, also equipped with JST connectors.

I hope this update didn't spook you. Trick or treat yourself tonight ;)

31st Oct 2021

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