November 2022 Update

Took a slight detour to Miller's Planet the other day. Came back home to earth and almost 6 months have passed?! I also seem to have been left in charge of promotions so...

Use code PPSUCKS for 20% off*, sitewide

* $25 minimum purchase. Valid until November 21st, 2022. Do not use if paying via Paypal. Orders that use this code and are paid via Paypal will be cancelled and refunded.

GMK Sixes

GMK Sixes

This group buy from mid 2021 has finally finished production. The kits should be shipping out to our warehouse in about 2 weeks time. All kits are available at their original group buy prices. The code above works for this set, too.

MBK Legend - Last Sets!

MBK Legend on a Planck Light

We managed to get our hands on the last remaining extras that the manufacturer had available from the original group buy. There are still a handful of kits left!

New Products

STeMCell v2.1.0 Controller

STeMCell v2.1.0 Controller

A new pro-micro / Elite-C compatible controller with a powerful processor and heaps of memory for shenanigans.

Reviung41-LP2 Keyboard

Reviung41-LP2 Keyboard

A new variant of the ever popular  Reviung41-LP. This particular one is designed specifically for the MX Compatible Kailh Choc V2 switches.

Sofle Choc Split Keyboard

Sofle Choc Split Keyboard

In-stock PCB and switch plate option, full kit coming soon!

RP2040 Controller With Integrated OLED Display

RP2040 Controller with integrated OLED display

I mean that about sums it up doesn't it? About half the size of a Pro-Micro, but with an integrated OLED display, based on the incredibly powerful Raspberry Pi RP2040 controller. How cool is that?

0xC.padOxC.pad Macropad

The macropad your mother warned you about. It's not square, or rectangular even. Nope this one is hexagon. 50% extra square. With RGB leds to light up the hexagonal keycaps!  The keycaps are available separately as well.

New switches

Kailh Choc V2 Switches

Kailh Choc V2 Switches

Just as low profile as  regular Choc switches but with an MX compatible stem. Available in red (linear), brown (tactile) and blue (clicky).

Kailh Choc MiniKailh Choc Mini

Even lower profile than regular choc switches and still compatible with all available Choc style keycaps.

Kailh X Switches and keycaps

Kailh X Switches

The absolute lowest of profiles. These are mechanical tactile scissor switches that come with blank keycaps included.

Group Buy Updates

  • KAT Napoleonic: production finished and currently being shipped to warehouse. We will be sending out address confirmation emails once the shipment arrives. If you want to add to your order, there are still a number of kits available at the original group buy prices!
  • KAT Slurp: final stage of color matching. Two out of three colors have been matched to perfection. There is another batch of samples being shipped to the designer for verification as we speak.
  • DSS Lightcycle: production has encountered a minor delay at Signature Plastics due to other production cycles running a bit longer than expected. Production is currently expected to start at the end of December 2022.
  • GMK Nord: color matching…. complete! According to the group buy organizers, GMK plans to start production early Q1 2023. We’re currently awaiting further details.
  • GMK Sixes: production finished. About to be shipped out to our warehouse. Expect address confirmation emails soon!
  • MoErgo MCC and MBK Convex: production finished. Awaiting shipment to our warehouse.
  • JTK Winner: Currently in production, awaiting further details from manufacturer.
  • Boardrun: we found some minor issues in the case design that we have recently corrected. Just to make sure these issues are ironed out, we have ordered one last set of prototype cases for verification. The PCBs are currently being updated to use a new controller as the original controller is currently in short supply due to the ongoing component shortage.
18th Nov 2022 Sebastiaan

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