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14th May 2021

May 2021 Update

New and Ongoing Group Buys

DSS Late Harvest is LIVE

DSS Late Harvest on Maja

Just in case anyone missed it, the DSS Late Harvest Groupbuy opened on April 12th and will run until May 19th. Projected shipping date is end of October. October this year that is. Don't forget, there's a deskmat and a THOK artisan to compliment the set as well.


Did we mention that the creator of the set is giving away a PCB kit of his Jabberwocky keyboard? See the Reddit thread here for more instructions: Jabberwocky Giveaway!

Group Buy Updates

GMK Nord

GMK Nord on Boardwalk

In production. Estimated shipping date Q2, possibly Q3 2021.

KAT Space Cadet Extras Pre-sale

KAT Space Cadet

Almost all extras have been pre-sold already. If there's a kit you've been on the fence about, now is the time! Estimated shipping date Q2, possibly Q3 2021.

City Wok and Space Cadet Deskmats

Literally just arrived. People with separate orders for Space Cadet mats will get them as quick as we can physically get them out the door. If you have one of these on an order with Space Cadet keycaps and want to split the order to get them now, send me an email at

New Products

Mill-Max 3305 Sockets

Mill-Max 3305 Sockets

Solder or hotswap PCB, why not both? With these new and improved sockets specifically designed for the mech community there's no more constant desoldering with the risk of ruining your PCB, switches, soldering iron, desoldering pump and mood.

Coming soon: Chocolate Bar kit. MX Free!

Chocolate Bar Kit

A stunning board designed by MisonoWorks. Surprisingly simple, and approachable. More news later

Coming soon: Pancake 2 kit

Pancake 2

Fresh Pancakes, who can resist? Now with onboard controller and an OLED display down the middle.

Coming soon: Breeze Split Keyboard Kit

Breeze Split Keyboard Kit

Coming soon: SA Spectra

A white on black SA set from Signature Plastics with Space Cadet legends. Looks Spectracular. I'll show myself out...

Everything you need to dip your toes in the split keyboard waters. C'mon, you know you want to!

Coming soon: JTK Tianwen

JTK Tianwen

A keyset to celebrate the first Asian Rover to go to Mars. What more reason do you need? Extremely limited, 1 per customer, no funny business.

MBK Colors

MBK Colors

Technically not a new product but we're steadily adding more and more new colors.

Scooped Kailh Choc Keycaps

We're continually adding a little splashes of color to the transparency of these keycaps.

Stock Updates