March 2022 Update

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UPS International shipments

Some international UPS shipments have been either held up or returned to us over the last couple of months. We have been working with UPS to get to the bottom of the issue and we believe it has been resolved. International shipments, now with 99% less hassle. Hopefully.

Zaphod Keyboard

Vell, that's just this wireless unibody split keyboard, you know? A 34 key wireless keyboard, running the ZMK firmware. In stock now!

JTK Medium Keycap Trays - Pre-order

Now in full TechniColor. Well not really, but available in several colors nonetheless. Couldn't quite get your favorite keyset to fit in a single Standard tray, but the Max was just too big? Well, grab a Medium. Or two. Or 10. Get them in however many you want, as we now offer all sizes as singles, 2-packs and 10-packs. The Standard and Max sizes are currently still in stock. The Medium trays can pre-ordered now and are expected to arrive in our warehouse late June (of this year).

THOK Razzo has arrived. Again.

Deja-vu anyone? Yep, it's back. THOK has redone the resin infill for the people that opted to maintain their order. After a small delay, they finally showed up a few days ago. Shipping address confirmation request emails are going out later today, so keep an eye on your inbox!

DSS Late Harvest - 99% Shipped!

DSS Late Harvest had a slight hiccup where one particular keycap was manufactured in the wrong profile. Signature Plastics wasted zero time and got replacements made ASAP. Even though shipping was delayed a little bit, all orders with confirmed addresses have now been shipped. No shipping confirmation yet? Get in touch with us! Oh, did I mention we still have a bunch of extras? We also added an Ergo Patch Kit for even more compatibility!

Deskmats In Stock

You guessed it, these were a little bit late to the 2021 party as well. They arrived earlier this month and we have plenty of extras in stock. Which ones you ask? Well, ePBT Grand Tour in six different flavors, 2 unique DSS Lightcycle mats and the Dallas deskmat are new additions. We still have plenty of the two Space Cadet and City Wok deskmats as well.

Group Buy Updates

KAT Napoleonic

This set was supposed to go into production earlier this month but there was some chatter about it being pushed back a little bit because Keyreative was still buttoning up two other sets. We have requested an update from them, but haven't heard back yet.

KAT Slurp

With KAT Napoleonic being pushed back a little, we suspect this set has been pushed back an equal amount. If it does make it into production this month, it'll be near the end of it. We'll keep you posted with further updates.

Quick Group Buy Updates

  • DSS Lightcycle: Minor hiccups placing the order. The estimated shipping date will be updated soon.
  • GMK Nord: It doesn't end does it? The designer is currently still waiting for new GMK color samples.
  • MBK Legend: Production is at 80%. Frequent covid lockdowns have slowed production down a little.

Products Coming Soon:

Quick Stock Updates

31st Mar 2022

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