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16th Mar 2021

March 2021 Update

MARCH? Last time I checked my watch we just celebrated new years...

New Site, "Old" Orders

As most of you know we recently switched to a new platform. We've got most of the kinks worked out. One of the last remaining issues was that orders created on the old site weren't accessible anymore. To solve that issue we have, for the time being at least, attached the old shop to It's literally the old site and it'll automagically forward you to the customer login screen. If you have issues reaching your order or you checked out as a guest, please get in touch with me via email with your order details and I'll get you set up.

New and Ongoing Group Buys

ePBT Grand Tour Keycaps

Inspired by Voyager 2's journey to the outer planets and the poster artwork to commemorate the event and designed by Fedemito. It's a dyesub PBT set where even the base kit alone covers a large number of different layouts. Need more? There's also an ergo, forties, spacebars and novelties kit. Did I mention we have 6 different deskmats as well?

Grand Tour x THOK Artisans

Yes artisans, plural. THOK has designed two awesome looking keycaps, one in polished brass with a PVD coating and another cerakoted aluminum with a resin moon. Definitely worth a look at least!

DSS Late Harvest

Never too early to announce a Late Harvest. A classic gray and white set with a splash of color in the form of RGB mods. Group buy starts April 12th.

Group Buy Updates

GMK Nord

In production. Estimated shipping date Q2, possibly Q3 2021.

KAT Space Cadet

Estimated shipping date Q2, possibly Q3 2021

City Wok and Space Cadet Deskmats

We have received the first samples and have already sent them to the respective designers. *happy noises*

New Products

Elite-C v4

Tired of ripping the USB Mini connectors off those cheap Pro Micro clones? The Elite-C v4 comes with a mid mounted USB-C connector that is much more rip-things-apart-resistant. It's also a drop-in replacement for the Pro Micro board, has a DFU bootloader and a couple more pins for keyboards that require a few extra rows and / or columns.

Boba Tactile U4T

The T in U4T stands for THOCCC. It also stands for t-not-silent. And for t-coming-soon.

Stock Updates

  • Foam shipment incoming
  • Tokyo60 foams in said shipment
  • CTRL and Alt foams ditto
  • more foam designs, also ditto
  • Kailh Choc switches have been ordered, expected late March
  • Boardwalk FR4 plates have been ordered, expected 2nd half of March
  • Boardwalk stainless steel and brass switch plates currently in stock