June 2022 Update

Huge Sale Incoming

Starting this summer, we’re going to keep a little bit of a low profile - to refocus on that, ergo and foam. This high life, it ain't for us chief. Loads of MX-compatible products (and more!) going on sale early June. Expect another email soon, or just join our Discord.

New Products

The Truth Is Out There Deskmat - Group Buy

Chances are you’ve seen this image in one shape or another at some point in your life. Now, you better believe you can put them on your desk, too!

MBK Convex POM - Pre-Order

Finally! Traditionally, low profile keyboards with Choc switches have had layouts that had to compromise in one way or another due to the lack of certain keycap sizes. No more. MBK Convex brings new POM keycaps in the sizes 1U, 1.25U, 1.75U, 2U and 2.25U. Mix ’n match compatible with regular MBK and MCC. Available in translucent white and opaque black.

MBK POM - Pre-Order

The familiar MBK keycaps, but made from POM that is much softer to the touch. In translucent white. And, yes, opaque black.

MCC POM - Pre-Order

We already have the white MCC 1U keycaps and now MoErgo is adding a brand new homing keycap. Just like MBK POM and MBK Convex POM, these new caps also come in opaque black!

Gateron KS-27 Low Profile Switches - In Stock

Take a large bowl. Add equal parts low profile switches and MX compatible stems. Top off with a couple drops of “hopes and dreams” essential oils. Blend until done. Available now in Blue 52g clicky, and Brown 50g tactile variations. Apply generously.

Zaphod Case Bottom - In Stock

Regained your composure? Good. Add some class to your bottom with the new aluminum bottom cover for the Zaphod Wireless Keyboard. Comes with all the hardware you need and case foam.

DSA Berry Yogurt - In Stock

These gently colors have a very summery vibe to them. Put them on your ergo board!

Group Buy Updates

  • MBK Legend: we're awaiting an update from the group buy organizer. Production is finished though and should be shipping to vendors soon.
  • KAT Napoleonic: the designer has received pre-production samples and is working with Keyreative to fix alignment issues
  • KAT Slurp: pre-production samples have been manufactured and shipped out to the designer for verification
  • DSS Lightcycle: production completion scheduled for end of September 2022
  • JTK Winner: Base kits manufactured, BBox60 cases and add-on kits still in production
  • JTK Medium Trays: production is finished, awaiting shipment to vendors
  • GMK Nord: Designer has received the new samples, but has yet to approve / reject them. Stay tuned?

Back In Stock

Kailh Choc Switches - Pink

Remember the light blue 20 gram gChoc switches that were sold out for the longest time? Well, now they're pink. No, we don’t know why. But we have them. And now, you can too.

30th May 2022

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