Posted by Sebastiaan on 25th Jul 2021

July 2021 - Update

Grab a coffee, sit down, relax, I've got a few updates to blast your retinas with. Got your coffee? Yes? Good, let's dig in.

All switches now available as 10 packs!

We heard you. Time and time again. 30 pack switches is just a few too many in some cases. From now on all switches can be bought as 10 packs.

General GMK Update

GMK have let us know (through third parties) that they've ran into issues sourcing raw materials. Apparently this has been an ongoing issue and they've been busy trying to find new / different suppliers for these materials. This is a shortage that affects not just GMK but pretty much any plastic manufacturer that uses materials like ABS or one of its chemical components.

Unfortunately, but understandably, they were unable to give us an ETA for when they expect to be back up to capacity. Any set that isn't in actual production right now is expected to be delayed.

European Shipments And Orders

As some of you may have noticed, we stopped taking orders for UK shipments quite a while ago due to a few new import tax rules. The EU has adopted the same or similar rules as of July 1st, which is why orders to EU countries have been halted as well. Any open orders will obviously still get shipped, we just can't take any new orders right now until we are confident everything is in compliance with the new rules and regulations.

Group Buy Updates

GMK Lunar


GMK Lunar is one of the sets affected directly by the aforementioned raw material shortage. The set is ready for production and waiting to get raw materials assigned to it.

GMK Nord

The latest update we've gotten is that the designer is still waiting on new samples. Not quite sure what the hold up is but very likely related to the shortage as well.

GMK Sixes


We bought out the entire ergo kit. And ordered a whole bunch of extras for the remaining kits as well.

KAT Space Cadet


Most of you probably saw  our PSA from about 2 weeks ago. Keyreative and zFrontier messed up and fulfilled orders of KAT Space Cadet without the designers ever having signed off on a production sample. We got in touch with zFrontier to halt shipping as soon as we found out. The production samples were shipped to the designers who approved them a few days ago. KAT Space Cadet, soon, in a warehouse near you!

KAT Slurp


No updates regarding production for now. "Patiently we wait" (also pre-sales are live!)

KAT Napoleonic

No updates regarding production for now. Pre-sales are live though!

ePBT Grand Tour


Keycaps are in production. Expected shipping window currently end of Q4 2021. There is a small but significant manufacturing issue with one of the THOK artisans that we're currently working out.

SA Spectra


This set did great and all kits made MOQ. Invoice is paid, impatient thumb twiddling has commenced.

DSS Late Harvest


Most custom colors have been approved, waiting on a sample of the remaining one (RAL 8015).

JTK Tianwen

IN STOCK - shipping pretty much instantly. Only a couple of sets left of both the extensive keycap set (which includes 3 JTK Standard cases) and the B-Box 60 case.

JTK Keycap Trays

We're expecting these late in the second half of August. A little later than expected, unfortunately.

MBK Legend

No news from the group buy organizers in the past month. An update was requested and is expected soon (tm).

New And Upcoming Products

Pancake 2

Double the pancakes, half the bulk. Designed by the impeccable Sophie (previously known as Spaceman) from Spaceboards, the new Pancake is pretty much as low profile as it gets but somehow gained an OLED display and integrated controller.

GTMX Low Profile Switches

MX switches... but low profile! Available in a tactile, linear or clicky 55g! Drop in replacement for MX style switches. Get in on the ground floor for just $3.50 per pack of 10. You, yes right that read.

MOMOKA Frog v3 Switches - IN STOCK

Yep. IN STOCK. Not a group buy. 62g Linear switches with a clear top housing with LED lens / diffuser. Read Theremingoats' review on these switches here.

Alps EC12 Low Profile Rotary Encoder

Ever see a low profile Choc keyboard with a rotary encoder? Sticks out like a sore thumb. The EC12 encoders by Alps blend in much nicer. We've got a few designs for knobs in the works, more about those soon.



KAT Space CadetCity Wok and KAT Napoleonic deskmats are all **in stock** right now. They ship pretty much same day. Supply is limited though.

KAT Napoleonic USB Cables

Along with the deskmats for KAT Napoleonic, the cables made by KustomKeys in the UK have also arrived in our warehouse. A limited amount of extras is up for grabs in both USB C and Micro flavors in the colors Indigo / Navy or Green.

Quick updates

  • New foam stock arrived, foam production starting soon.
  • Breeze FR4 switch plates in stock
  • 0x3E keyboard and MisonoWorks Chocolate Bar arrived, awaiting packaging
  • Alps EC11 rotary encoders restocked
  • Several Gazzew Boba switches restocked
  • Mini7 incoming

Several coffee beans were harmed during the production of this newsletter.