January 2022 Update

EU / UK Shipping

Yep, we're back to shipping to the EU and UK again. We've been shipping KAT Space Cadet orders to Europe and the UK for the past couple of months and have encountered no issues so far. So, all of you lovely folks on the wrong side of the puddle can rejoice!

Boardrun is LIVE!

Boardrun Classic and Boardrun Bizarre

The Boardrun group buy is live right now, until March 3rd. Machined from Aluminum or Polycarbonate, brass top mount switch plate and bottom. Available in black, red or ANY color via the Cerakote option. And yes, ANY color from the Cerakote H-Series goes! Additional PCBs and plates available.

Boardrun R1 upgrades

If you have an open Boardrun order, you can upgrade those to either of the new Boardruns. Just send an email to and we'll get you set up!

MoErgo MCC Keycaps

MoErgo MCC Keycaps

Good news! These keycaps have arrived in our warehouse, and significantly ahead of schedule too. With that, this is now an in-stock item. And we have plenty of 'm too! Pre-orders have been shipped already. We'll even include a pair of these caps with every Choc switch order. Ready to try something new?

MoErgo Glove80

MoErgo Glove80 Contoured Wireless Split Keyboard

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Stephen and the team at MoErgo for their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for the Glove80 Wireless Split Keyboard. Fully funded within 28 hours!  Take a peek at their Kickstarter campaign.

MBK Factory Colors DirtyWave M8 MixPack

DirtyWave M8 Tracker!

Well that's a mouthful isn't it? We're big fans of what Tim is doing over at  DirtyWave with his M8 Tracker. That's why we put together a pack of 10 keycaps, with 2 of each color: green, blue, orange, turquoise and yellow. Obviously this works as a sample pack (see what I did there?) for everyone that just wants to take a peek at these caps, too!

THOK Razzo

THOK Razzo - or don't.

We sent out an email last week to everyone that bought a THOK Razzo artisan about the production issues THOK has had. The TL;DR is that THOK anodized the artisan instead of the promised Cerakote and that they're unable to find a capable applicator for Cerakote. Refunds can be requested via email before February 13th, 2022.  More details here.

Quick Updates:

  • GMK Nord: Apparently more shipping issues with the samples.
  • MBK Legend: progress is slow, but somewhat steady. The new factory is wasting an awful lot of keycaps still in the dye sub process.
  • KAT Napoleonic: according to Keyreative's latest update, production is estimated to start in March.
  • KAT Slurp: according to that same update, this should start production in April.
  • DSS Late Harvest: production near finished. Currently collating. Late Harvest? More like early Christmas!
  • Deskmats for ePBT Grand TourDSS Lightcycle and the Dallas Meetup have boarded a container ship at the beginning of this month.

Stock updates:

31st Jan 2022 Sebastiaan

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