February 2022 Update + MX Sale + Last hours of MoErgo Glove80

MX Sale

Yep, we're doing it again. All MX switches are 25% off until the end of the month. Momoka Frogs 10 for $3.97, Tecsee Snow Globes 10 for $4.27 and any GTMX switch is $3 for 10. Did I mention that all of these are in stock and ready to ship?!

Glove80 Kickstarter less than 1 day left!


The Glove80 Kickstarter has been wildly impressive. After it was fully funded in just 28 hours, the campaign is close to 200% of the original goal. There are only a couple more hours left to jump on the bandwagon though!

JTK Keycap Trays


Guess what? Chicken b... No really, we have a bunch of JTK Keycap Trays left from our most recent pre-order.

Group Buy Updates

Boardrun Group Buy - Closing March 3rd!


The Boardrun group buy has been doing pretty dang well. Lots of people opted for their favorite colors as a Cerakote finish, others wanted some more transparency and went with the polycarbonate option. We're quite happy with the amount of people looking for greener pastures. Group buy closes March 3rd. Get in touch to upgrade your existing Boardrun order.

DSS Late Harvest - SHIPPING NOW!


DSS Late Harvest has arrived in our warehouse and address verification emails have been emailed and confirmed orders have started shipping. We still have bunch of kits available, too!

GMK Nord


The missing samples finally arrived at the designers doorstep after having been ping-ponged around by different carriers for the longest time. The designer is currently making minor adjustments so that GMK can refine the colors for another set of samples.

Quick Updates:

Stock Updates:

23rd Feb 2022 Sebastiaan

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