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Posted by Sebastiaan on 15th Feb 2021

February 2021 Update

New $ite, who di$?

As some of you may have noticed, we've got a new website! Over the last weekend we moved our shop away from Shopify to a new platform. BigCommerce comes with a host of new functions and opportunities.

Accounts from our old website exist on the new platform, but since we can't migrate user passwords for security reasons, you will have to reset your password. Once logged in you will probably notice that your order history is empty, but we're still working on a way to make that visible again. For now, rest assured that your order is safe and sound in our shipping software.

More Shipping Options

Along with the new site we're now offering UPS as a shipping option as well as continuing with USPS. UPS Ground can in some cases be significantly cheaper (looking at you,  JTK trays), faster, or both.

Ongoing Group Buys

MBK Legend

LAST 2 DAYS and runs until February 16th. That means you only have 2 days left to get your hands on it. Make use of that cheaper shipping via UPS if you need. Maybe tell your S/O it's a late Valentine's Day gift, or y'know, because touch typing is hard?

New and Upcoming Group Buys

KAT Slurp

Inspired by the best selling, luminescent, highly addictive Slurm from Futurama. You don't need to find (or swallow) any bottle caps to love this set. Or deskmat. Or... THOK brass keycap! Go see for yourself (and ignore the fake factory door).

ePBT Grand Tour

It's almost blast-off time. Keycaps, deskmats and an artisan are all part of the payload. Mark your calendars on February 25th!

DSS Late Harvest

Time to sow your crops and hope keycaps start growing on them soon! We're hoping to see the group buy start in Q2 this year. Get your onesies, I mean overalls ready!

Group Buy Updates

KAT Space Cadet

The shipping window for this set has moved from Q1 2021 to Q2, possibly Q3. We're still waiting on actual confirmations from Keyreative at this time.

GMK Nord

According to the group buy organizer the shipping window has been shifted to Q2, possibly Q3 as well. GMK is based in Germany and therefor is hit hard by the COVID restrictions there. That said, we still have a bunch of sets available for pre-sale right now!


KAT Space Cadet and City Wok have run into some delays. We're working with the manufacturer to get these resolved as soon as possible, stay tuned.

New Products

MBK Colors

Available in 10 different, vibrant colors. Add a splash of color to your black or white Choc board! All regular MBK sizes are available. Get some pretty colors now!

Boardwalk FR4 Plates

While we're waiting for a restock of stainless and brass plates, we have a limited supply of black FR4 (PCB material) plates available for 60% tray mount Boardwalks. FR4 plates are lighter and a little bit more flexible than metal plates. Plates for KPR cases, Brutal60, Classic60 and SKB60 are en-route. Get some fiber in your diet!

QMK Proton-C

We have a limited number of these available and expect them to be gone quite fast. We have speakers incoming sometime this week. Any orders that include a speaker will ship as soon as we receive them.

Product Restocks

  • Boba Silent U4 switches
  • All carried varients of Kailh Choc switches are on the way
  • Drop ALT + CTRL foams, as well as others, are on the way
  • Still waiting for stainless and brass plates to arrive
  • We're working on a fnords program.
  • No further details at this time.