​December 2021 Update

Got some of that Christmas moolah burning a hole in your Christmas stocking? Offload some of that burden onto us so you can go back to fixing aunt Gayle's Internet Explorer cookies.

Group Buy And Pre-Order Updates

MoErgo MCC POM 1U Keycaps

POM keycaps, glorious, glorious POM keycaps. And for Choc switches too! Nice things do come in tiny packages, 17.44 x 16.45mm packages to be exact. Will work on any standard choc spaced board and actually shows of your fancy RGB backlights properly! Comes in any size and color you want, as long as that size is 1U and the color is semi-transparent white.

MBK Legend


Production is underway, albeit it at a rather slow pace due to very tightly wound QC apparently. Means good stuff for the eventual product though.

ePBT Grand Tour


Production on the deskmats is expected to be finished in the next couple of days. THOK is still working on getting us an update on the current status of the Razzo artisan.

Quick Updates

  • GMK Nord: designer is still awaiting remaining color samples from batch 2.
  • KAT Slurp: awaiting update from manufacturer
  • KAT Napoleonic: Awaiting a production start update from the manufacturer
  • DSS Late Harvest: Production expected to finish midway through January. Fingers crossed.
  • DSS Lightcycle: plenty of kits still available!
  • Dallas Meetup Deskmat: production expected to be finished by the end of the year, expected delivery to our warehouse late January.

New Products

EC12 Low Profile Aluminum Encoder Knobs

We have tiny knobs! Specifically designed for the EC12 low profile encoder, these knobs come in 1 flavor and 3 colors: bright silver, stealthy black or feisty red.

Reviung41-LP Keyboard Kit

A choc adaptation of the original Reviung41, this kit does away with all the high profile clutter while retaining a bunch of nice to haves like hotswap sockets. Available as PCB+Plate only or as full kit.

JTK Winner - B-Box 60 Case

Yep, we're doubling down on this one, all in, full house, black jack, 2 marbles short of an omelette. Either way, we managed to talk someone into making a case specific for the Squid Game inspired JTK Winner set. If you want to add one to your existing order, get in touch.

26th Dec 2021 Sebastiaan

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