Posted by Sebastiaan on 25th Aug 2020

August Update

I'll try to keep this one short and (mostly) sweet ;)

Shopify situation

The number one take away from our newsletter last month was that we got in hot water with Shopify. After some back and forth with Shopify we eventually were able to put this behind us. Our Shopify store, your orders, funds and all group buys are safe. We hope to never have to deal with this again and we're working towards being MK**Ultra** again.


In last months' newsletter we highlighted the production issues surrounding acrylic cases. We have been unable to find a good fix for our current laser and have opted for the next best solution, a brand spankin' new laser. Pew Pew! The laser arrived earlier this month and we're setting it up for production. If you have an order for an acrylic case you should be getting an "order shipped" email soon. Yay!

A short note about foam

We're currently working through a huge amount of orders and to that end we have to temporarily slow down our foam production so we can focus on pushing boxes in the general direction of your mailboxes. There are a few new designs that we're working on as well as a couple that need updating (looking at you Drop CTRL...), those too will be slightly delayed. We're seeing an increased amount of requests for custom cuts. Custom cuts generally add 2 - 3 weeks to the lead time of your order.

Group Buy updates

MBK Choc Keycaps

We're currently making good progress getting all of these keycaps shipped out. We received the keycaps late last month but unfortunately they were shipped in bulk. We're shipping orders out every single day and we're putting a decently sized dent in the number of orders that are still to ship.

MBK Choc Keycaps production issue

Read this reddit post first by the original designer of the MBK Choc Keycaps: [GB] MBK keycaps (small) production issue] (tl;dr: there were a few molds used in the production process of black 1U keycaps that were flawed.)

We can't obviously test every single keycap and have temporarily stopped shipping orders with black keycaps in them. We have a new shipment of black keycaps coming in and once that gets here we'll resume shipping the affected orders. If you have already received black 1U keycaps from us and think you may wonky keycaps, please check the inside of the keycaps for the number 1 or 3. Should you find either of those two numbers, please get in touch with me.


The orders for the Space Cadet and City Wok deskmats have been paid. We're currently awaiting a shipment notification. Stay tuned.

GMK Nord

Ordered. Waiting for the invoice. C'mon GMK!


Ordered. Paid. "Patiently" waiting for the mailman.

Who's "we"?

You may have noticed an overall different tone in this update compared to the last one. There is also a lot of "we" instead of just "I". Let me introduce myself. I'm Sebastiaan and I'm an ad... mittedly weird keyboard person, just like the rest of you ;)

I was brought on hours after the previous newsletter went out to help out with the customer support side of things. Some of you may have already exchanged emails with me. I strive to answers emails within ~24 hours and am actively digging through any open support tickets in our system. If you have an open ticket and I haven't responded to it yet, please feel free to send another email. You can also tag me in issues on reddit, by mentioning /u/C44Supra.

Full disclosure, I will be on vacation from September 5th until September 11th. This will not affect production or shipping, just customer support responses. If you have an open order that has an issue that needs to be addressed before it ships out, please get in touch with me before the 5th. Any emails that come during this period will be answered the day after my vacation.