April 2022 Update

This month, I’m switching things up a little. First of all, we have dropped the prices on all our MX switches down to factory prices. Once they're gone, they're gone. More switches, stabs and more to come. Keep an eye on the site!

Second, I will be experimenting with the order of the items in these posts. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to reply to send me an email!

Breeze cases delayed

Our manufacturing partner for the 3D printed cases for the Breeze split keyboard, Hubs, messed up good. The latest batch of cases have various appearance flaws. Hubs is currently remaking the order, but instead of trashing a whole bunch of otherwise usable cases, we will be offering some of the cases as sets and as singles in the near future. Obviously these cases will be a quite a bit cheaper, too.

New Products

DSA Berry Yogurt - Ergo Combo

A combination of the alphas and ergo kits, works for most ergo layouts. Also, why am I suddenly craving yogurt?

Boardwalk Premium Switch Plates

Fancy new FR4 switch plates for the Boardwalk PCBs, but with actual gold borders around the switch openings!

Boardwalk Aluminum Switch Plates

Metal switch plates without the heft. Sporting a nice black top, and a bright brushed bottom side.

Coming Soon

0x3E Keyboard Kit

This board has been coming for a long time, but it’s inevitable!

Zaphod Aluminum Bottom Plate

Fancy a little bit more of an exposed look and a little bit of heft? Soon!

Group Buy Updates

A quick, general update that affects JTK, KAT (Keyreative) and MBK Legend keysets. All of these sets are manufacturerd in China, which has been plagued by a series of covid related shutdowns that have slowed down or downright stopped production. Some manufacturers however, simply fail to provide updates of any sort by themselves, or when asked for it.

  • MBK Legend
    Production of the key caps has finally wrapped. The production batch is currently enroute from the manufacturer to the main distribution center of the group buy organizer.
  • DSS Lightcycle
    Orders placed, waiting for a production schedule update from Signature Plastics.
  • GMK Nord
    GMK has shipped a new batch of color samples. We're hoping these will make it to the designer soon.
  • KAT Slurp
    A 80% sample is said to be currently in production for the designers final approval. This is however unconfirmed at the moment.
  • KAT Napoleonic
    The designer is pushing for an update from Keyreative, but so far we have been given no tangible update.
  • JTK Winner
    Base kits have finished production. Remainder of the kits is still in production, which is set to wrap in June.

Stock updates

28th Apr 2022 Sebastiaan

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    This month, I’m switching things up a little. First of all, we have dropped the prices on all our …
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