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18th Apr 2021

April 2021 Update

New and Ongoing Group Buys

DSS Late Harvest is LIVE


Another great looking set by Nopunin10did. DSS Late Harvest consists of 1 large (but affordable) base kit that covers just about every common layout, with a couple of really neat add-on kits. The group buy is open until May 12, 2021.

Group Buy Updates

GMK Nord

In production. Estimated shipping date Q2, possibly Q3 2021.

KAT Space Cadet Extras Pre-sale

We've opened up pre-sales for the extras of this set. Supply is very limited! Estimated shipping date Q2, possibly Q3 2021.

City Wok and Space Cadet Deskmats

The samples have been approved, production is finished and we're now patiently awaiting delivery. And by patiently I mean we're close to being in-patients at the local looney bin.

New Products

Breeze Split Keyboard

Coming soon! The Breeze is a split keyboard unlike you've ever seen before. The Breeze is a split TKL minus function row if you will, with support for both MX and Choc switches. More buzzwords? Ok, how about: hotswappable, QMK, VIA, pre-soldered diodes, pro micro compatible AND... bonus 6 key macropad included.

Boba Switches Sample Pack

Can't decide which Boba switch is best? Get the sample pack and test them all! One of each switch in each weight for a total of 9 switches combined.

Stock Updates