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Spoonfed News

27th Sep 2021

September 2021 Update

Group Buy And Pre-Order UpdatesDSS Lightcycle - Group Buy Live! Attention Programs, Users, this is not a drill. The group buy for the iconic DSS Lightcycle is live, right now!KAT Space Cadet The Space Cadets have arrived. They're in a port nearby that is, these astronauts are taking the scenic route through customs at the moment. Hopefully ready to ship in early October!ePBT Grand Tour - Pre-Sale Now Live! If you want to add …

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Posted by Sebastiaan on 31st Aug 2021

August 2021 Update

Keeping it short and sweet this time around!  Group buy And Pre-Order Updates GMK Swiss Currently live until the end of August. Swiss keyboards have legends, sublegends, those sublegends have sublegends and some of those sublegends have sublegends as well! These White on Black and Black on White alpha kits will work great with a whole host of other GMK kits. KAT Space Cadet The kits have been shipped out …

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1st Aug 2021

Update regarding MKUltra - Gazzew relationship

Earlier this week we were informed by Gazzew that we would not longer be able to purchase any of his Boba switches, citing "Incompatible business goals" as the reason. We have repeatedly reached out to find out what exactly he meant but have yet to get a clear answer. We have not been given an option to defend ourselves, or even an opportunity to come to any sort of an agreement going forward. We would still be able to buy and sell GTMX switch …

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Posted by Sebastiaan on 25th Jul 2021

July 2021 - Update

Grab a coffee, sit down, relax, I've got a few updates to blast your retinas with. Got your coffee? Yes? Good, let's dig in.All switches now available as 10 packs! We heard you. Time and time again. 30 pack switches is just a few too many in some cases. From now on all switches can be bought as 10 packs.General GMK Update GMK have let us know (through third parties) that they've ran into issues sourcing raw materials. Apparently this ha …

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Posted by Sebastiaan on 15th Jul 2021

Malaysia sales halted indefinitely

In recent months we've noticed an alarming number of fraudulent orders being placed from Malaysia that were paid for with stolen credit cards. Unfortunately these orders have started to outweigh the legitimate orders and it's costing us both a lot of time and energy to weed out these orders.Effective immediately we have stopped sales to Malaysia entirely. If you have an open order that has passed our manual reviews then you have nothing to w …

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10th Jul 2021

[PSA] - KAT Space Cadet

It has come to our attention that Keyreative / zFrontier have shipped some if not all KAT Space Cadet orders out to customers in China and possibly beyond China. Unfortunately, none of these kits have been signed off on by the designers of the sets yet. As such we can't guarantee that the quality of the sets shipped are up to our standards. Under normal circumstances Keyreative / zFrontier would have shipped sample sets out to the designers fo …

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