November 2021 Update & Cyber Monday Sale!

Hiya! I've got a bunch of updates that wanted to share but considering we've had our collective inboxes stuffed with emails over the last week or two, I thought I'd combine not two but three updates in one.

Cyber Monday Sale

Pretty much everything in stock is on sale right now. Most regularly stocked products are 15% off, the Momoka Frog and Tecsee Snow Globe switches are 50% off and we even have pre-sales at 10% off. Plus, because shipping rates are evil, free US shipping on orders over $100. You guessed it, this would've been update 1.

MoErgo - Glove80 Wireless Split Contoured Keyboard

MoErgo - Glove80

It's a split board! It's a contoured board! It's a wireless board! Heck no, it's wireless split contoured board! (It can't fly though). Featuring Kailh Choc low profile switches, ZMK firmware and a Bluetooth LE connection to boot. Kickstarter is set to start in January 2022. More info on their site.

Group Buy And Pre-Order Updates

DSS Lightcycle Pre-Sales Live

DSS Lightcycle

Log on to the grid, Lightcycle Pre-sales are live! As mentioned in a previous Update, we have bought out all kits. Plenty of extras available. Deskmats available here.

KAT Space Cadet

KAT Space Cadet

We started shipping these orders late last month and most of them have shipped by now. If you haven't received a shipping notification yet, get in touch via email and we'll get things squared away as fast as possible.

ePBT Grand Tour Shipping Now!

ePBT Grand Tour

The keycaps and THOK Saturno artisan are currently shipping. We're still awaiting a meaningful deskmat update. Unfortunately the THOK Razzo artisan is still in production. We're hoping to get an update on those fast. If you have an order that you would like to split in order to get the keycaps or Saturno artisan shipped now, don't fret, we'll be sending out emails about that in the next couple of days.

JTK Keycap Trays Shipping Now!

JTK Keycap Trays

FINALLY. Customs decided to stop twiddling their thumbs and released the Standard size trays. Shipping now!

GMK Lunar

GMK Lunar

Expected to ship to vendors after Christmas, most likely the first half of January 2022. Fingers crossed!

GMK Nord

GMK Nord

No real updates. Designer is still awaiting new samples from GMK. Deskmats need another sample run as well, and an issue with the artisans is being worked on as well. Hopefully more, and better, news soon.

MBK Legend


Another setback. According to the group buy organizer the new manufacturer appears committed but QC appears to be very *very* picky. Picky is good for the quality of the keycaps but bad because delays. We haven't been given an updated shipping window yet.

Quick Updates

As you just read, we're currently shipping 2 huge group buys and a pretty large number of JTK Keycap Tray orders. We're a small team and we're currently working overtimee to get all these orders shipped as fast as we possibly can. Also this is update number 2.

  • DSS Late Harvest: small-ish delay, currently expected shipping date to our warehouse early January 2022
  • KAT Napoleonic: going into production in December. Estimated arrival time in our warehouse late Q1 2022

Update nr. 3 - Price Bump

As much as we hate doing this, as soon as the Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend ends, we will be hiking the prices 10% across the board. Most of the products that we sell are subject to a 25% tariff and while we have been footing this bill ourselves so far, it's no longer sustainable to do so. That said, we figured we'd at least wait to raise prices until after Cyber Monday so that you guys would actually get a deal, amirite?

29th Nov 2021

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