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Posted by Sebastiaan on 30th Oct 2020

​ November Update

Hi all, it's your friendly neighborhood update man... that doesn't sound right. Anyways, I've got some updates to share!

Groupbuy updates

GMK Nord

We've been waiting forever for an invoice and finally our prayers were heard. The invoice has been received, payment is pending and to celebrate we've put up a limited number of extras already! Grab them while they're hot!

GMK Lunar

Speaking of extras, we have a couple of Service Module kits left up for grabs. These, like the number of actual moon landings, are extremely limited in number.


We ran into some issues with the supplier we originally asked to produce these for us. As a result we have reached out to a new supplier and things are moving along great. We're expecting a couple of samples soon.


Boardwalk PCBs and plates are shipping left, right and center.

New Products

Boardrun - available November 1st!

Yep, you read that right. We've learned to walk and now we run. Well almost. We'll be offering both the classic as well as a bizarre version starting November 1st. Did I mentioned we'll have these with a variety of *really* funky acrylic options?

JTK Standard and MAX keycap trays

More keycap kits than keyboards to put them on? We've all been there once or twice. You can now put those extra keycaps in a safe space. The MAX will hold 280 1Us, 2 ISO returns and have a spot for a 2x2U square. The Standard holds a single 65% set, but ships in pairs of two. Cases this way.

Your #1 source for Gazzew Boba switches in North America

Woah! We are now the largest source in North America for these most excellent switches! If you're looking for some nice switches to go along with that new Boardwalk or Boardrun, grab some switches here: Party on! Looking for Boba's with clear tops perfect for shine through RGB? has those available here:


If you've put in an order recently you have no doubt experienced that our shipping process has been significantly streamlined. Our aim is to ship orders out within 48 hours. In reality we're closer to getting orders out pretty much the same day. Within reason obviously, the people at the post office don't like it when we show up with a few pallets on Sunday morning...

Closing notes

I realize that most of you would appreciate more frequent updates. In an effort to meet that demand as well, I'm going to put out a new Update around the beginning of each month.