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Posted by Sebastiaan on 14th Jan 2021

January 2021 Update

Happy new year to all of you! In one way or another we've all have one hell of a year behind us, some of us more so than others. But! It's 2021 and while it might not yet seem too different from last year, I'm confident we'll soon round the corner and work towards better days.

Speaking of better things, do I have an update for you!

10,000 ORDERS!

We have recently blown past the 10,000th (!!) order and that number just keeps going up and up. It's honestly quite amazing to see. We're eternally thankful that you guys have stuck with us this long. As Erik mentioned in a email not too long ago it'd be a long way back to being MKUltra, and while we may not be there quite yet, we're getting closer every day.

New Products

Gazzew Boba "Bobagum" Silent Linear Switches

Yep! Gazzew set his mind on linear switches and it's something to behold. Like the Boba Silent Tactile U4 it's a 5 pin switch available in several different weights. We're stocking 3 variants of this switch, not just 62g and 68g but 55g as well. Go see for yourself! click! Yes I know, better pictures coming soon ;)

Iron165 Plate Foam

Add a little bit of thocccening foam to your Iron165. You know you want to: click!

Satisfaction75 Foam Combo

Got a Satisfaction75 but still can't get no satisfaction? We've got just the thing for you right here.

Colored MBK keycaps!

Starting this weekend we'll be offering the blank MBK keycaps dyed in 8 different colors. More on this soon!

New Group Buys

MBK Choc Keycaps groupbuy upcoming!

Not giving away too much just yet, but there's a new group buy set to start on the 15th of January for a new set of MBK keycaps. Read all about it on this link (it'll start actually working once we have the go-ahead of the designers).

ePBT Grand Tour

The planets are starting to align! Tentatively starting February 25th. More info next month.

KAT Slurp

I mean... how could we not? Tentatively starting February 8th. More info next month.

Group Buy Updates

KAT Napoleonic

KAT Napoleonic was a great success. All kits surpassed MOQ well before the group buy close date. If you missed out, don't fret, we'll have extras available soon enough! Look at pretty pictures and sign up for email notifications here.

KAT Space Cadet Keycaps

Current estimates are still for Q1 2021 as the designers are still assessing the color samples. Stay tuned! Ninja edit: new estimate is Q2 2021, possibly Q3 2021.

KAT Space Cadet and City Wok Deskmats

Awaiting an update from our manufacturer still. We're hoping to have these in hand soon.

GMK Nord and Lunar

Need more pylons! We're almost out of GMK Nord kits and the GMK Lunar Assembly kits are running dangerously low too! Convenient links GMK Nord here and GMK Lunar here!

Product Updates

More Kailh Choc switches inbound

Another 100,000 choc switches are making the trip from Kailh to us. They need a keyboard to call home though!

Drop CTRL HiPro

As mentioned in last years update (sorry, had to), the design of the diffuser appears to have been altered. We're currently awaiting delivery of a CTRL HiPro to make the appropriate changes.

Closing notes

If you've read this far, our mind control program works and all remote parameters have been updated successfully. This message will not self destruct. We haven't found that button ...yet.