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Posted by Sebastiaan on 7th Dec 2020

December Update

Hi people, Sebastiaan here. First and foremost we'd like to thank everyone who has joined in on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Turkey Code Hunt.

Over the BF/CM weekend I hid a ton of different coupon code hints all over our website, Facebook, Instagram and Discord server. Some were easy to guess, others haven't been found yet (yes there's still one hidden in the site that I intend to leave in place until it has reached its maximum number of uses - 10).

Here's a list of all the different codes that were active during the weekend:

MKTURKEY2020 - 5% off everything - unlimited

CENA - 10% off everything - unlimited

SLAPCHOP - 50% off everything - max 3 uses - 1 per customer

ROTARYTHING - 20% off Pancake Keyboard kit - 1 per customer

BLUECANARY - 20% off switches - unlimited

LITTLEBANG - 25% off everything - max 10 uses - 1 per customer

THEMACHINE - 10% off everything - unlimited

ARMYOFTHETWELVEMONKEYS - 15% off everything - max 25 uses - 1 per customer

WHITERUSSIAN - 10% off everything - unlimited

LUDICROUSSPEED - 15% off Boardwalk products - max 25 uses - 1 per customer

DIEHARD - 20% off everything - unlimited

Group Buy Updates

KAT Napoleonic

KAT Napoleonic has hit MOQ, which means all kits will be made! Considering the huge amount of variety in the kits that is quite something. Congrats to the designer /u/DiplomacyPunIn10Did! No fear, you haven't missed out, yet. The group buy is only open for another 3 days, until December 9th. Get your Napoleonic on here.

Space Cadet Keycaps

Currently set for Q1 2021. More color samples are currently on the way to the designers of the set.

Space Cadet and City Wok Deskmats

We have requested an update from our manufacturer. Hoping to get these deskmats moving sooner rather than later.

GMK Nord and GMK Lunar

Last month we opened up pre-sales of a chunk of our extras. We still have quite a bit of GMK Nord left but GMK Lunar supply is dwindling. Don't get stuck on the Mun without GMK Lunar!

Product Updates


We've run into some issues with the Boardrun case and switchplate files pretty soon after we opened up sales for the Boardrun last month. Boardrun cases are made to order since we only have a limited supply of unique acrylics. Often just enough to make a single case out a single type of acrylic. To prevent wasting a whole bunch of material we have temporarily stopped taking orders for the Boardrun in an effort to fix and verify the design files. Furthermore we want to make things right for all the customers that got their hands on a Boardrun already. For everyone with an open Boardrun order, sit tight, things are moving along swiftly and we're making sure you get the best Boardrun possible.

Drop CTRL High Profile

It appears there is now another revision of the CTRL High Profile case in circulation that has slightly updated internal bracing. We have updated our plate foam design and are in the process of updating the case foam design.

Planck foams

The designer of the TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition case, /u/typeaudesign, has reached out to us about a fitment issue with our current Planck case foams. We do not recommend people use the Planck case foams in the TYPEAU.40 Planck Edition case at this moment, they were not designed for this specific case. We're working with Typeau Design to see if we can offer their customers a quality foam.

Future Products

New Boba U4 Pearl and RGB Top

All the arrrgeebees! We'll have Boba Silent Tactile U4 switches with clear tops up for sale soon that will allow for a much better light transmission through the switch. Alongside the RGB variant we're also looking forward to selling the Pearl top version. You can already sign up for in-stock notifications for both switches (RGB and Pearl). Stay tuned for more information.

House keeping

Orders placed between December 12th and December 16th will ship on (or slightly after) December 17th. Customer support will be unaffected.

The designer of KAT Napoleonic, /u/DiplomacyPunIn10Did, is organizing a giveaway. We're in no way whatsoever attached to that giveaway but we thought we'd pass the information along all the same. For more information visit this Reddit post.

I think that about covers it for now. Direct any questions straight into my inbox at!