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Momoka is a relatively new player on the switches playground but is certainly offering an interesting design with the new version 3 of their Frog switch.

The Momoka Frog switches are linear switches with a 62g bottom-out force. While compatible with PCB mount, these switches are of the 3 pin variety with only a center stem and 2 contact pins on the bottom.

Most switch manufacturers are understandably very secretive about the materials used in their switches. Momoka however goes above and beyond. The bottom housing is Nylon, whereas the top is polycarbonate and the stem is POM. That's not all though, they go further in stating that the composition of metal used for the contacts is CuSn4 (copper with 4% tin) and the spring is SUS304 stainless.

Even in the light department these switches have got something interesting in the way of a light lens that disperses light more evenly over the inside of a keycap which prevents light hotspots.

For more in depth info, see this review from Theremingoat.

These switches are sold in either packs of 10 switches, or 200 switches each.

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