Mill-Max Micro Controller sockets and pins

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Desoldering your microcontroller and destroying half of the pads in the process is a thing of the past with these sockets. Make your controller truly hotswappable with these genuine Mill-Max sockets and pins.

We have two series of sockets available, the HiPro ones and the LoPro ones. The LoPro sockets have a mounting height of just 0.095" or 2.41mm while the HiPro sockets create a 0.165" or 4.19mm clearance. If you just need to connect a controller with nothing underneath, the LoPro sockets are best. Theoretically you could still slide a 3mm battery underneath a controller with the components facing upwards, but you wouldn't be able to fully seat the pins of the controller. If your controller has the components facing downwards and you want to stick the battery underneath the controller then you should be using the HiPro sockets.

The pins are from the Mill-Max 3320 Series, 0.020" / 0.51mm in diameter and 0.250" / 6.35mm long, gold plated brass pins. Each pack contains 26 pins, enough for most controllers controller + 2 oopsies.

TL;DR / Specs
- LoPro Sockets: 0.095" / 2.41mm clearance - Mill-Max 315 Series - 2x 12pin strip
- HiPro Sockets: 0.165" / 4.19mm clearance - Mill-Max 310 Series - 2x 12pin strip
- Pins: 0.020" / 0.51mm diameter - Mill-Max 3320 Series - 26 pins
- Combos: 2x 12 pin strip plus 26 pins minus $0.50

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