[Pre-sale] KAT Napoleonic Keycaps

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Expected shipping date is 1st Oct 2021

Note: currently up for sale are pre-orders of various KAT Napoleonic Keycap kits. Pre-sales will ship at the same time as group buy orders. If you combine this product with in-stock items, the in-stock items not ship separately but will be shipped once the entirety of the order is shippable.

Designed by NoPunIn10Did

Inspired by early 19th century history.
Optimized for affordable language compatibility.

KAT Napoleonic is a keycap set in the KAT profile that explores the history and artistic depictions of the Napoleonic Period.


  • KAT Napoleonic
  • Profile: KAT
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dyesub and Air Dyesub
  • Packaging: Plastic Trays
  • designed by NoPunIn10Key
  • Manufactured by Keyreative in China


  • Group buy: Nov.9 – Dec.9, 2020
  • Estimated ship date: Q3 2021


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