Kailh Choc Stabilizers

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This set of stabilizers is for KAILH CHOC ONLY. It will not work with MX style switches. If you try and fail, please be sure to visit this product page again and look at the bottom, where my last words are meant for you.

One long stabilizer (5.5u), seven short stabilizers (2u) and sixteen each of sockets and stems for the stabilizers. Your PCB must have cutouts for these stabilizers. You might find that stabilized keys are not exactly level with the unstabilized keys - it is close but not exactl. A fix for this is coming soon.

Each unit purchased will include the following:

  • 1x 5.5u stablizer bar
  • 7x 2u stabilizer bar
  • 16x stabilizer sockets
  • 16x stabilizer stems

I told you so.


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