JTK Keycap Trays

$22.00 - $27.50
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UPDATE: The Max trays have arrived and shipping has begun! Standard Trays are still en-route.
Store and show of your keycaps in a case made out of clear polycarbonate. They are stackable (per size), so you can build your very own tower of keycaps!
 MAX is sized at 410 x 250mm (or just over 16" by just under 10") it'll hold up to approximately 280 1U keycaps, 2 ISO enter / return keycaps and has a spot for a 2U x 2U square. These are compatible with taller profile keycaps such as SA and MT3. MAX ships as a single tray so 1 order = 1 tray.
STANDARD is sized at 279 x 165mm (or 11" by 6.5"). These are designed for a single 65% keycap set and is compatible with lower profile keycaps such as Cherry, XDA, DCS, SA (row 3 only), DSA, etc. STANDARD ships as a 2 pack so 1 order = 2 trays.
Note: cases ship empty, no keycaps included. Keycaps in photos are purely for demonstrational purposes only!