GTMX Mid Profile Switches

  • GTMX Low Profile switches
  • GTMX Low Profile Linear Switch
  • GTMX Low Profile Linear Switches
  • GTMX Low Profile Tactile Switch
  • GTMX Low Profile Tactile Switches
  • GTMX Low Profile Clicky Switch
  • GTMX Low Profile Clicky Switches
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Note: these switches will not be re-stocked. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Three different type of switches, linear, clicky and tactile. All switches in single weight only, 55g. Switches are meant to be plate mounted, and are of the 3 pin variant. Compatible with regular MX keyboards and most* keycaps.

These switches ship in packs of 10. So quantity 1 = 10 switches, quantity 2 = 20 switches and so on.

*GMK R1 keycaps sit lower on the switch stem compared to other keycaps, which leads to them bottoming out on the switch plate. You may need to shim the keycaps slightly to prevent this. 
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