Pancake Keyboard Kit

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Note: photos show black pcbs but the pcbs currently on sale are white!

Who wants pancakes?


Yeah, me too. Really, who wouldn't, right?

These Pancake kits are designed by Spaceman, aka Milkman, aka something something pancakes and they are tasty! With true choc spacing instead of standard MX, the switches are a little closer together and hides that ugly gap most "choc compatible" boards tend to show. Did I mention it is bluetooth (only if you want it) too? It is designed to be used with Pro Micro, Elite C or the Feather. So many options!

Kit includes:

  • PCB (with traces on it)
  • Bottom Plate (with recipe on it)
  • Standoffs (with threads in them)
  • Screws (with threads on them)
  • Awesome (with extra awesome)
The MBK keycap kits include 50x 1U, 2x 1U homing and 2x 2U keycaps in either white or black.



If you plan to use a Pro Micro or Elite C, be aware they are mounted facing down.

If you plan to use a Feather, this is the model designed for:

If using that Feather, the battery suggested is:

Note that the battery requires a LiPo with the negative (black) closest to the USB port.