[Pre-Sale] GMK Sixes

  • GMK Sixes on Hineybusch's HBCP
  • GMK Sixes on Hineybusch's HBCP
  • GMK Sixes on Keycult No. 2
  • GMK Sixes on Keycult No. 2
  • GMK Sixes on RAMA M60A
  • GMK Sixes on RAMA M60A
  • GMK Sixes on TGR 910
  • GMK Sixes on TGR 910
  • GMK Sixes - Base Kit
  • GMK Sixes - Smol Kit (40s)
  • GMK Sixes - Calc Kit (numpad)
  • GMK Sixes - The Lost Nines (40s)
  • GMK Sixes - Makeup Kit (accents)
  • GMK Sixes - Ogre Kit (ergo)
  • GMK Sixes - Space Kit (spacebars)
$19.00 - $110.00
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GMK Sixes is inspired by the original GMK Nines set, but with the colors reversed. The base kit covers the most common basic layouts up to TKL and comes with scooped, and barred homing caps. If you add the Calc Kit (numpad), you can build up to a full size layout. The Smol Kit is an addon for the smaller 40% boards and (shudders) Alice boards. The Makeup kit offers a little extra color variety. The Space kit adds, you guessed it, extra spacebars.

For everyone that feels the orignal GMK Nines was missing something, you'll find just that in The Lost Nines addon kit. Basically it provides 40% support, other unorthodox layouts or again (shudders) Alice support. You can also use it to bring some extra spice to GMK Sixes.

And last, but certainly not least, anyone with an ergo keyboard knows the pain of finding that one keyset you really like... and then finding out there's no ergo support. You can use this set to complement GMK Sixes, GMK Nines, GMK N9, GMK 9009, any other GMK set, OG Cherry beige, etc.

Manufacturer: GMK
Designer: Xynerorias / Emir (Kebab Man)
Material: Doubleshot ABS
Expected Shipping date: Late Q4 2022

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