Glove80 Wireless Split Contoured Keyboard

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What is this you ask? It's the next evolution in split keyboards: split contoured keyboards. Oh, and wireless to boot!

The Glove80 keyboard is the result of a perfected design that ensures an ergonomic fit for most any hand shape or size. The 500+ prototypes it took to get to this points merely demonstrates the dedication of the designer.

  • 80 Key split wireless keyboard
  • ZMK Firmware for full customization and keyboard layouts
  • Wireless or wired connectivity via USB C
  • Bluetooth LE courtesy of the Nordic nRF52840 controller
  • Kailh Choc Low Profile switches
  • Custom uniform profile POM keycaps
  • Arrange the keycaps into any layout imaginable, incl. Colemak and Dvorak
  • Built-in tenting kit
  • Detachable sculpted palmrests
  • Compact design
The Glove80 crowdfunding campaign will begin soon. Visit the MoErgo site today for more information: DO IT.

Note: the MKUltra Corporation does not sell this product. Visit the MoErgo site for more information and to sign up for their newsletter to be kept up to date on developments.