Space Cadet Deskmats

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 Who has two thumbs and likes fingers this guy insert stock image of thumbs up

This is a group buy for Space Cadet themed deskmats. Two styles are available - a bunch of arrows pointing at (or away from, your choice) each other or a space dude and planets.

This group buy will run until May 31, 2020 at which time an order will be placed for these 3mm thick cloth covered rubber deskmats. Edges are stitched and the image is dye--subbed. They feel good, they look good but I cannot guarantee that they smell good. They probably smell like rubber, so if you like that, yeah, they smell good.

Delivery is expected in August-ish and I say ish because I've never ordered from this vendor before but am going with estimates based on info from other vendors and the supplier themselves.

No refunds, no cancellations, no take-backsies or anything else you want to call it - once you buy this, it is yours and you can only get rid of it by selling it, giving it away or attempting destruction which may or may not be possible, I make no guarantees.