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Do you like Chinese Food? Let me ask again - do you really, really, really like Chinese Food? Do you like it so much that your desk gets covered in it? Well listen up friend, do we have a solution for you!

These deskmats from the CITY-WOK CHINESE RESTAURANT have been pre-stained so that you don't have to feel guilty about doing it yourself. Slosh some soup on it? No problem! Push some noodles out of that fancy folding container? Great - it just adds more character! TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN, YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS MAT LOOK ANY WORSE!

When you finish eating and have (hopefully) cleaned that mess from your desk, take a few minutes to see if you can find any hidden gems on the menu. They might be hard to spot so don't be surprised if you find a new one every now and then.

These deskmats are a GROUP BUY item and will be on sale through the end of May, which is when the order will be placed. Delivery is expected in August-ish and I say ish because I've never ordered from this vendor before but am going with estimates based on info from other vendors and the supplier themselves.

No refunds, no cancellations, no take-backsies or anything else you want to call it - once you buy this, it is yours and you can only get rid of it by selling it, giving it away or attempting destruction which may or may not be possible, I make no guarantees.