ePBT Grand Tour Keycaps

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Inspired by the poster made for a tour, a Grand Tour even, to the 4 outer planets. A trip that's only possible once every 175 years as the stars, err... PLANETS! quite literally have to align for it.

The extensive base kit should cover most regular keyboard layouts. There's also support for 40% and ergo boards in the 40s and ergo kits respectively. Need a little more space? Grab the spacebars kit! And to really put the space-cherry on top, don't forget the novelties.

Designed by: @fedemito_
Material: PBT
Legends and icons: dyesub
Manufactured by: ePBT
Expected ship date: Q4 2021

Groupbuy closes end of day March 25th, 2021

EU(/UK): CandyKeys
China: KBDfans
AS: Thic Thock
OCE: Switchkeys
CA: Ashkeebs
SA: Fancycustoms