[Pre-Sale] ePBT Grand Tour Deskmats

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Note: the deskmats are unfortunely still in production. More info soon.

Note 2:
 this is a pre-sale of the extras we ordered. Orders placed now will ship at the same time as the original groupbuy orders for these deskmats.

Made to accompany the ePBT Grand Tour keyset and artisans.

Size: 900x400mm 4mm thick
Material: Rubber bottom, cloth top
Washable: yes. Please.

Groupbuy closes end of day March 25th, 2021
Originally estimated shipping date: November 2021

EU(/UK): CandyKeys
China: KBDfans
AS: Thic Thock
OCE: Switchkeys
CA: Ashkeebs
SA: Fancycustoms