Elite-C V4

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Tired of pluggin in the USB cable one way, the other way and then the correct way? Ripped another cheap USB Mini port off of your clone Arduino Pro Micro? Maybe want it a little bit lower profile too?

The new Elite-C v4 now has a mid-mount USB connector that is very resistant to most brute-force unplugging methods. The USB Type C port also means you don't have to flip the connector over twice before it'll actually go in. Icing on the cake? The v4 now has the VBUS pin accessible on the PCB as well.

Technically the Elite-C v4 is otherwise similar to the previous versions:

  • drop-in replacement for the Pro Micro controller
  • DFU bootloader
  • sturdy USB C connector
  • ATMega32U4 controller
  • on-board reset button 
  • 24 IO pins (6 more than regular Pro Micro controllers)
  • USB pins accessible on the PCB
  • headers included (2x 12pin + 1x 5pin)