DZ68RGB Foam Combo

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So I don't know what to call this thing. The website says DZ65RGB. The pictures show DZ68RGB. The voices in my head are calling it something completely different and not safe for work. No matter what you call it, this PCB now has clothes to wear!

A 4mm foam layer goes between the PCB and plate to hold that plate in place, keep the noise under control and give your board a bit more solid feeling and keep it from floating away. With all those lights shining out of that keyboard, it kind of looks like it might just float up off of the desk and fly off into space right? No? Maybe it's just me.

Under the PCB, the hotswap sockets are cradled in 2mm foam cut precisely to each socket, stabilizer screw, tall chips and components, etc. Underneath that, a 1mm layer of foam keeps those sockets secure and prevents them from popping loose off of the PCB while providing the finishing touch to completely fill the case cavity with foam.

This comes with another 4mm piece of foam cut to sit in the battery/weight well of the Tofu65 case that so many people seem to use with this PCB. Here is an all in one solution, just like your keyboard wasn't.

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